IoT Remote Monitoring | Fusion DMS

With the Innovative Remote Monitoring Security System, customers can gain full information of the status of situations and events – customers not only know what happened but also can ascertain when and why it happened. The User Dashboard IoT 4.0 Surveillance Software Management empowers customers and key personnel to manage their own monitoring and surveillance activities.  The cameras use a programmable sample techniques to transmit a series of security-grade still images. Additionally, the outstanding image quality is retained for each frame without the usual image degradation received by taking a still frame from standard video footage.

As a VSaaS services, the platform has been designed specifically for the mobile environment. Our technology enables surveillance  solutions to be delivered real-time from any location within GSM/3-4-5G cellular coverage. The platform provides a secure carrier-grade infrastructure that is sold and promoted through a network of partners and licences. The architecture is highly-scalable service able to support a customer with one camera or 1000 IoT security cameras. Unique tol solution is the platform ecosystem that enables the easy integration and customisation of the service offering to customers in a wide range of  industry sectors.



Leading surveillance monitoring and management.

Can be accessed using any internet-connected computer, iPhone or iPad from anywhere in the world.

Interoperability. Device identity is recorded and validated on an immutable ledger.

Extensive Architecture. Blockchain-based tokenization of identity and reputation services enables fluid interactions between IoT devices across a trusted environment

Innovative Remote Monitoring with Proprietary Blockchain

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